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     We are Kendra Settle and Kristel Jones, sisters who are lucky enough to also be business partners. We were born and raised in Pacoima, California and both still reside here in the San Fernando Valley. Kendra in Porter Ranch with her two sons and Kristel in Chatsworth with Husband Erin and their 6 children & two grandchildren.

     Why did we take on this challenge? In the past few years, we have been moved by the resilience and coming together of black communities across our nation, and we wanted to be a part of the movement. We have always recognized and appreciated the creativity and cultural influence that black people have on the world, and we asked how can we capture that right here in our community? Recently we made it our mission to buy black and were met with the difficulties of finding products when we needed, shipping cost, etc. At the same time, we found it difficult to navigate putting our Bonnet company “No Capz” in retail stores. It was at that moment we recognized that we could not be the only ones facing these issues. That is where the Vision of Uplift Us Marketplace was born. We immediately thought about how Uplift Us marketplace could be such an amazing opportunity to help build small businesses by increasing sales & helping to get the brand name out there. In the process we also hoped it would spark an entrepreneurial spirit not only in our children but others in the community and create a community within, between the vendors who all bring something unique to the table.

     Uplift Us Marketplace will create the space that we, along with many others were craving. A place where we could shop all sorts of products that celebrate our cultures creativity, reflect US, and shop knowing that everything is proudly black owned. In addition, it will create a dynamic network of creative minds. Come meet us and enjoy everything we have to offer.

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